My Cafe Nico

Hopper & Burr, my favorite cafe in the entire world, does a seasonal drink called the Cafe Nico. It’s very seasonal, made using house made orange syrup. Due to its limited nature it has a bit of a cult following and people get excited when “Nico Season” rolls around.

My Cafe Nico | Red Rooster El Salvador, orange syrup, half & half, cinnamon, candied peel

Today the stars aligned for me to have a Cafe Nico of my own, despite being thousands of miles away from Santa Ana, California.

I happened to have some orange simple syrup left from candying some orange peels over Christmas. So, using my orange syrup and my cheap wand frother I whipped up a Nico and in my mind was whisked away to Orange County.

Cheers 🍊☕️


Served in my vintage Russel Wright cup & saucer, of course!

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